One Week, No Regrets…

A Mahogany Drum Table and Victorian Chair, Our First Pieces of Furniture.

I have been a home owner for one week today. We have already put change into motion for the Trimble House. Contractors are being interviewed, cleaning and de-cluttering have commenced, and the materials for re-wiring the electricity have been purchased. It is interesting how quickly I want to get moving on a house that has been standing for over a century! I am definitely the impatient one in our relationship.

Victorian Chair, the complete one.

To commemorate the anniversary I bought our first pieces of furniture today! Actually, it was just a great find from Goodwill at a steal. The find: two Victorian chairs and a mahogany drum table. The chairs will be easy to recover, and I think they will fit well in the bay window. I don’t plan to buy a lot of furniture until later, these were just such a good price, and kind of perfect. I had to make an exception.  One of the cleaning guys broke the piece of trim off the back of one of the chairs, but I have the piece, and it is very repairable.


5 Comments to “One Week, No Regrets…”

  1. Looking good I have two tables like that and they are beautiful hey I have a friend on face book who rentavates furniture and I love to see what he finds

  2. Thanks, Betty! I love that table. I think it will perfect in our bay window. I was so excited to get it for a good price. The Goodwill employee said that the set came from a house in Indiana. I love old furniture, too. I should show you the brass bed mom got me for Christmas from Restore. It is beautiful! I like to refinish it, too. Is your friend in WV? Where does he find all of his pieces? I need some new places to start looking!

  3. I love the house already. I am so jealous! I want a house with a story other than “A Bunch of Dirty Guys Live Here”.

  4. You can come over anytime, Meghan. I love it, too, though. Even more with its crazy history. “A Bunch of Dirty Guys Live Here” could be interesting. Are they really that different from wolves? 🙂

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