Staying Positive in the Midst of More Problems

Be still, my moldy heart!

So, my sister and I have been slowly and gradually cleaning up the house. The outside construction has yet to begin, and outside stuff is not really my area of expertise anyway. So, while I’ve been cleaning, I’ve made all kinds of little …discoveries. Most of these are not welcome discoveries. One of my moldings has succumbed to dry rot. Many of the floorboards will have to be replaced, as they have been eaten away by wolves, rotted, or are damaged by some other random occurence. Outside, one of the floor joists has rotted, and parts of the original porch posts have been demolished. I have some extras in the areas we are enclosing that I hope can be used to replace the others. This all brings me to today’s discovery…mold. I knew the house was moldy, it has been unoccupied for 9 months. Yet, I did not expect a veritable petri dish on my walls; a mini ecosystem inhabiting my home! Yes, today I found fuzzy walls, and not fuzzy from wolf fur! Luckily, I have never been prone to hysterics.

Lovely Hinges

So, it’s days like this I have to look at the positives. I mean, not all the discoveries are bad. The house has lovely, elaborate, Queen Anne style door hinges. You can’t buy those anymore, and they are definitely a nice feature. The cast iron fireplace inserts are all intact. I love the look of them. The living room and dining room floors  are in great shape. The foundation is solid, and so everything else can be repaired, right?  Truthfully, it is all a labor of love, I guess. That, or my over-developed visualization skills. I can see what it will look like when it is finished, and it’s beautiful. That is the image that drives me. Unfortunately, the distance from where the house is at now, to that image, is a little bit further, considering I didn’t envision living in a terrarium. Oh well, good thing I have a whole bottle of Clorox.


4 Comments to “Staying Positive in the Midst of More Problems”

  1. Honestly, a good foundation is everything. The house we live in now will have to be completely rebuilt in a matter of a few years because it’s about 90 years old and built right next to a creek that has flooded several times A YEAR. Say like three times a year. That means our basement’s been waterlogged 270 times. CRAZY.

    The landlord wanted us to buy it. We said no purely because the columns that support the house in the basement are shaped like the letter C.

    So, rejoice in your foundation. Mold will come off, boards can be replaced. The rest is pie.

    • Thanks, Meghan! I guess that is true. I do think at least the furry plaster walls are going to have to come down and be replaced. I hate taking them down. It is going to be messy, hard work. I’m still going to leave as many of the plaster ones as I can, though. Considering the walls in this room were not only fuzzy, but also the wallpaper was plastered over (why???) I think they are unsalvagable.

      Your house does sound crazy! It has to have serious structural issues. You guys were smart not to purchase it, though C shaped beams may make for springy trampoline floors! How fun! Maybe it will be like a bouncy house. I’m sure you two will find a perfect house eventually!

  2. furry walls and pie!! what a great combination!!

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