And the Walls Come Down…Removing Plaster

Plaster remaining in the reinforcing wire corners

A few days ago, we had a pizza and plaster removal party, which ended up being way more fun than it should have been considering the amount of manual labor involved. As it turns out, destruction is fun, particularly when it is done with the help of good friends. It is also very messy, and I still haven’t finished all the clean up yet. Initially, I didn’t want to remove the plaster. After careful deliberation, not to mention the disturbing amount of mold on the wall and the fact that the previous owner poorly plastered over the wallpaper, the two exterior walls had to go. At least it will make it easier to insulate, and wire. Also, we found out why the mold was so bad in this particular area. This area was an addition to the original house, on the back porch. The walls are not plaster and lath like we originally though, but inches of plaster over old drywall. Plaster tends to have less for the mold to feed on than drywall, so that explains why it was so bad in this particular area.

As far as taking down the plaster in other areas, we are doing a room-by-room assessment. The kitchen  and bath will probably have to go, just so we can rewire, etc. One of the dining room walls has to come down due to water damage from a rotten windowsill. We really need to check the wood in the wall to make sure it has not rotted in that area. We are taking out a door in the other exterior wall, so that may have to be taken down, too. All the interior walls will remain plaster, though. I see many more plaster removal pizza parties in the future!




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