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It is so dreary and rainy here, and  none of the work is being done on the house! So, I’ll have to find something else to write about. Design, anyone?

I grew up watching design shows. Literally, I learned to tie my shoes the way Lynette Jennings demonstrated  tying decorative bows on her show. HGTV was amazing to me when it was created, and quickly wound up on my “most watched” list. Mostly, I learned about design from my mother, who just has a natural knack for it. The truth is, I don’t know how to live in a house that hasn’t been designed. It is my norm, and the first thing I thought of when we decided to buy a house.

One of the most problematic rooms in our house is the dining room. With a house that is only about 1200 square feet, we need to use every available space, and we just would not use a formal dining room that often. It is nice to have one, but there are other things we need more. Like storage. I’m a grad student with over 350 books. My sister? Also a pretty voracious reader, with at least 150 of her own. This led us to the natural conclusion of making our dining room a library/dining room. I think the combination of these two rooms is a great idea! I can use the dining table as a large desk when I’m in the middle of stuff, and the books will make for an interesting topic of conversation if we ever need something to talk about during dinner.  I plan built-in bookshelves, all the way to the ceiling on at least one of the walls. Maybe with a ladder, because that would just be awesome.


Even more odd then the dining room/library idea is my desire for a  mis-matched furniture set.  I like rooms to feel spontaneous and collected, not just purchased from the nearest store. So, I don’t want a matched dining set. I am currently planning either a round or oval table, with two wingback chairs at dining height at the head and foot of the table, and a settee for the seats on one side, no seats on the side with the fireplace. I like the settee because it feels more comfortable, more library-ish, and this set up will seat at least four on an everyday basis. For larger parties, I do want a matching set of four dining chairs, not ones that match the table, to mix in with the wingbacks. Other furniture in this room? An armoire for the computer. Also, I want striped shades and the room color as an avocado green, hence the last picture. Obviously, I am jumping the gun a little bit. Particularly when I could go tomorrow and purchase all the pieces I want, well, excluding the antique pieces, but that is how far I ahead I am in the planning. I already have everything picked out! Decorating is what I am good at. Building additions, planning gutters just isn’t my favorite thing to do. At least I can dream of my pretty, shiny house on this cold, dreary day.     

                    I just want the shades to be stripe-y like this, and I think the room will be about this color.

Photos from: Dominio, Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and random google searches                                                                                                          


4 Comments to “Room Inspiration… Dining Room”

  1. I love this idea. The idea of that many bookshelves! Holy smokes! I want THAT.

    I would be tempted to stick a couch in there as well, but I don’t know how much space you guys have. Once again, I am wishing for my own project.


    • Thanks Meghan, I’m in love with the idea of having that many bookshelves, too. I will never have to purge books again (well, maybe only once every few years) I would love to fit a couch, but I may not have room, that’s why I;m feeling the setee and wingbacks instead of traditional dining sets. more comfy to read in! Get a project house! we can trade off renovating stories! lol.

  2. bookshelves!! FTW!!!

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