Plaster, Roof, and Junk- a small update

Yes, my gutters really are that wonky.

A lot of progress has been made on the house in the last few weeks. The new roof is almost finished. We decided on black architectural shingles, and I’m really happy with that choice. They look a little like slate, and are a vast improvement of the flaking green ones that were there previously.

On the inside, we’re still working on removing plaster. We gutted the pantry, which was covered in mud. I think that is where the previous owner kept the wolf.  That is the only excuse I can think of for that room to be filled with that much filth. Sadly, the beadboard under the wallboard had to go. It was mostly rotten. We did reveal some lovely old pine floors. There is a huge hole in one of the boards, but I’m still trying to think of a way to patch it and keep them. 

We’ve also been working on gutting the bathroom. It was moldy, and kind of gross. Yet, the walls are so tough, neither the reciprocating saw, nor my Thor hammer of doom were strong enough to bring them down. Those walls made me feel like a geologist looking at the patterns in the rock to date some fossils or something. First, there was a layer of wallboard, then a thin layer of plaster on 1 inch drywall, then two layers of wallpaper, then tile, next, more plaster and older drywall. Why??? My father’s friend has been helping us out, and he finally  managed to conquer the “Great Wall” of the Trimble House. Next is gutting the kitchen, and I am hoping it goes easier than the bathroom. The plaster in there is a horrendously patched mess.

This is after 2 days of work!

Also, we were having a local cleanup to have stuff hauled to the dump this weekend, so we decided to take advantage that and clean out the root cellar. After termite tunnel destruction, five 5 gallon buckets of dirt removed, and going through old, moldy books we have a fairly clean root cellar!



3 Comments to “Plaster, Roof, and Junk- a small update”

  1. I loooove the idea of you with a hammer of doom.
    How big is this hole? It’d be a shame to have to sacrifice those floors.

  2. your Thor Hammer reminds me of something else made of steel

    and I cant believe the roof is almost done!

    • Meghan, the hole has about 4 inches round. I’m trying to convince myself that we can patch it with something and just put the washer or dryer over it, bcause that is what will be there! lol.

      Rachel, Bunsss? lol. I know! I’m so glad because it is supposed to rain all next week.

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