The Home Show, 2011

Yesterday, I went to the Home Show in Charleston. Just what is a Home Show, you may ask? Imagine a carnival of home improvement and renovation; and a smorgasboard of  new products. Display booths, prizes, and a house built inside of an arena, are just a few of the sights to be seen at such an event.

 Now, of course, I didn’t just go to gawk at the displays, the most important part of a home show is that it connects people like me – renovators, with the people who can do this stuff much better than I – contractors. It is networking. I now have the numbers for siding specialists, heating and cooling people, plumbers, window and door manufacturers, landscapers, professional painters. Basically, anyone I could ever need to complete my project.

Some of the highlights?

Gate made by Harshberger Barns

Amanda’s Glass Art – A stained glass artist from WV. Her work was beautiful, and she teaches classes! I am already thinking about taking this summer. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some stained glass in the bay?

Harshberger Barns – Amish builders and blacksmiths, so no website.  My sister was interested in their barns for her future horses. They also made beautiful hand forges iron hardware and gates. I would love to have one of these for the house.

Leonard chicken coop – This was just interesting, and a really nice building for keeping chickens! Not really for my house, though.

Building & Remodeling Warehouse – Lots of building materials, and I received $100 off my first order. Yay for discounts! I’ll need it.

Bailes Granite & Marble – I didn’t know their was a place like this in Charleston, not that I’ve perused for granite suppliers before. They also have honed granite and soapstone, two of the products I may be interested in for the kitchen in the future.

House pictures from the Home Show website.


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