Room Inspiration…Kitchen

Black & White with quirky touches

Today, we have more room ideas. Mostly because my grad school classes are keeping me pretty busy, so I can’t work on the house right now. I will post an update of sorts this weekend, though. My contractors have almost completed the addition. For now, kitchen ideas! Okay, so I like white kitchens, or mostly white. They are clean, and lend themselves to any color choice. It isn’t as if my kitchen will lack color, I collect Fiesta dishes and own a pistachio Kitchenaid. I just want the color to come more from the accessories than the cabinets and counters. I guess I want them to be neutral and simple because they are so expensive to change, while if I want to choose a new color  palette in the future, anything will go. Other things I want in the kitchen? black countertops, to contrast with the white cabinetry; silver knobs; a subway tile blacksplash; and some glass-front cabinets, to show off my colorful fiesta plates and pitchers. I just want the kitchen to be simple, clean, and timeless.

Double the Storage!

I also want to double-stack the upper cabinets. What does that mean? Basically put a smaller cabinet on top of a larger upper cabinet, so there are two upper cabinets, I would like some of these to be lighted with glass for display, and maybe some plain wood, for even more storage. Besides, with ceilings as tall as the ones in my house, it wold look weird if they just ended at the top of the 42 inch cabinet. I would love an island, but I don’t think the kitchen is wide enough for one. I also have not decided on flooring yet. I keep waffling between tile and hardwood. For the appliances? We are thinking stainless steel. I know they are trendy right now, and normally I hate trends, but I think white would be too much white, plus I worry about the appliance white and the cabinet white matching each other. I f they don’t the darker will look dirty. I don’t want black appliances, so that leaves us with the stainless. I would actually love some of those retro ones in an awesome color, but they are just too expensive. I know it is a bit simple, but I think it will be bright and classic.



6 Responses to “Room Inspiration…Kitchen”

  1. I like the black and white!

    • I didn’t think you did! Maybe it is just one of those things that is better when you see what I mean, rather than listening to me describe it. lol. I’m glad you like it, though 🙂

  2. These are all my favorite kitchen details as well – I was just working on a kitchen post for my blog! This comment will be all over the place – Our kitchen remodel is far off, but I dream about it. I can’t decide if I want the smaller upper cabinets to be glass, or if I want one or two main cabinets to be glass, or maybe I want some open shelving! I also have Fiestaware! How tall are your ceilings? Ours are 9ft, but yours look much taller. For our kitchen, I think we will go with tile, because I would hate to try to match the wood floors throughout our house – although they all need to be sanded and stained, so maybe it could all be done at once. I hadn’t considered that about white appliances – I was leaning toward white to keep the look clean and simple. hm. I don’t like stainless because they show fingerprints so easily. :/ decisions, decisions…

    What are you going to grad school for?

  3. also I am drooling over that photo with the green painted inside the cabinets and the blue painted floors. wonderful!

    • I love kitchens! Our kitchen remodel is far off, too. I mean, I haven’t even had the water turned on in the house yet because we still have to replumb! I can still dream, though. I know what you mean, though. I think I want some upper cabinets glass, and some of the smaller one glass with lighting inside, but I havent really decided which ones or where yet. I like open shelving, too. I just don;t cook often enough to keep my plates and such on them from getting dusty! lol. Our ceilings are 14-16 ft! They are one of the best features of the house, because they make it seem so much larger. It is only 980 square feet, without the additions that we are adding, but it feels so much bigger because of the larger rooms and ceilings. The only rooms with smaller ceilings are the 2nd bedroom and the bathroom, because they were additions built on one of the porches.

      I love Fiesta. I have some vintage, but most of mine is modern. It is made in WV, where I live, and the outlet store is only about an hour and a half away from me, so I go there and get tons of stuff. Over the years I think I have found all of the vases and serving pieced that they make in the seconds room! Plus, I just have a serious dish weakness. I love pretty china things.

      I think you are right about trying to match the floors. I’m kind of leaning towards tile, too. Ours have to be refinished, but it still may be difficult to match the old oak with new oak. Plus I’m not too sure about the wood floors in a kitchen. I know what you mean about the stainless appliances. I plan to do a fingerprint test to see how bad it is before I purchase them. Some of them now have a slightly more matte finish that doesn’t show fingerprints as badly. I think white would probably still look okay, too. That is what we have always had, so I may just be leaning towards something different!

      I love all the bright colors in that kitchen, too! I like that all of these are mostly white and black, but not boring. That’s what I want, too.

      I am working on my MA in Clinical Psychology. I’ve almost finished, just two classes, a year long practicum and internship left! Unfortunately one of those classes includes a very long paper, which is what has been keeping me away from the house for the past week! 🙂


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