The Little Things, and Angry Mockingbirds

The work on the house has been pretty slow so far this month. It is times like these, the dwindling, less exciting phases that cause me difficulty. I feel like there is not that much being accomplished, because I have no big, dramatic reveal. We have been working, but at tiny, mundane tasks that need to be completed, but with little visual sense of accomplishment. If this were a D.I.Y. show, these are the steps that would be skipped in a nifty video montage with peppy music. Today, I pulled nails left in the studs from the plaster removal; chiseled little bits of plaster near the ceiling, so that drywall will sit there more smoothly; I pulled off some molding, and did some cleaning. The most exciting part of the day was being dive bombed by a mama mockingbird for coming too close to her nest when cutting down some bushes in the yard. I did promptly abandoned this task so not to disturb her further, I want baby mockingbirds in the yard! I will offer her fruit in appeasement tomorrow.

Truthfully, I’m bad at the follow through with projects. I complete the task and never want to do the clean-up. Right now, there is a lot of clean-up that I am feeling pretty ho-hum about actually doing.  Maybe I’m just low on motivation, maybe its just my standard modus operandi. Any tips for dealing with the meandering, less-thrilling parts?

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5 Responses to “The Little Things, and Angry Mockingbirds”

  1. sooooooooooo much has been done though! its like a big reveal in itself, you know? like first, cleaning up everything was the big reveal! then the little reveals, like sweet hinges, molding, ghosts. The add on has been another sweet reveal as well. Take in all the little things!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I know a lot has been done. It is hard to believe it is only 3 months! Maybe focusing on what we have done instead ofall the things we have left to do will make it easier. I just hate spending days on these tiny projects that feel like they don’t matter. They do, its just…boring, I guess. lol.

  2. oh man, I know the feeling. We’ve had our house for over a year and a half now, and we’ve learned to really have to focus on the little things and congratulate ourselves often. It’s really hard to feel like you make progress when you have to sweep, scrape glue or pull teeny tiny staples. Even painting trim is terrible – all our trim was pink, dirty and dusty. It took SO long to wash all the tiny squares in each window, and then to very carefully paint the wood. (which reminds me I still have most of the dining room trim to go – I’m avoiding it!!) Home remodeling shows and magazines and blogs all make these processes seem so quick and provide instant satisfaction. While we knew this wasn’t true, going into it, it really does take getting used to! Sometimes we like to look back through the original photos of our house, when it still looked like an old lady lived in who last decorated in 1985 to appreciate how far we’ve come, because sometimes all we see is all the work left to do. Thanks for letting me reflect on this! 🙂

    • I figured that you would! I think these are the ups and downs of any home renovation. All those tiny jobs are the worst. You feel like you work, and nothing is done, because no one sees the millions of tiny nails that you pull out! I think I do just need to get use to it, but it may take some getting use to! That pink trim sounds crazy. I bet it was lovely. Looking at the old photos is a good idea, too! 🙂


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