Eleanor is Unstable, and Kind of Cheap: A Book Post

Book Coverf          Image from the book    


Property of the Library

Eleanor was so unstable, that the cover completely disintegrated after scanning. Half of this book was missing, and the whole thing was very poor condition. It also looks like rats may have chewed the edges of the pages. What can I say? She had a hard life. She was also very cheap, considering she was stolen from the Pratt Library! Maybe I should try to return it? Now, I do not know where or when the Pratt Library was there. The local elementary school has a Library, but I’m not sure these two libraries are one in the same. As you can see, the library was established by the “T.G. Society.” I don’t know who or what this society was, either! The book was donated to the library by Martin Hansford. I will have to find more information about him. Felix and Marshall Hansford were very prominent brothers in the area, so it is safe to say that Martin was probably related to them, but how he is related to them, I am not sure. Was he in the “T.G. Society”? Who knows, and Eleanor is not telling.


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