Lost Batteries and Window Choices

Grille Pattern Choices

 The last few posts have been about the history, design inspiration, etc. What about the house, right? The truth is I lost my camera battery charger last week. After scouring and searching through the house I finally found it…in the camera bag. Yes, when things like this happen, I underestimate my own abilities to make sense. Not a lot has gone on with the last few weeks, anyway. We are still working on the small tasks that I mentioned before, puling nails, getting rid of the lathe, and cleaning.

As part of the almost completed addition, I had to pick out new windows. I was pretty stressed about this for awhile. Not so much on the brand or features, but on the detailing! I am a pretty detail-oriented person, so trying to pick out custom window grilles was exasperating. I knew I didn’t want to go with the traditional, 6-divided grilles. It would break up the view in my huge windows too much. Also, none of the other Victorian style houses that still have original windows had ones like this. Most have been replaced with these because they are pretty standard, but I’m certain it was not what was there. I thought about doing a more decorative upper sash, with a distinctive grille pattern. I considered the prairie lights and the top row of divided glass. Then I thought about designing something for them myself.

Window in the addition. This one looks a bit squatty, cause it is a 3x3, but the rectangle ones will look better. It is only a square because the tub is going under it.

Ultimately I think I did the best thing possible when confronted with so many options. I went back to the originals. I didn’t really examine the wooden windows that were there from the inside. I had assessed the condition of the windows, as in, “this wood is completely rotten”, and “look how this glass has fallen down from the wood holding it because the grilles are so rotten”. I hadn’t really looked at the design. Then I noticed the wavy glass and how they were made. I believe they are the original windows. As I have said before, keeping these windows would require far too much work. Almost the entire frame is gone, I would have to completely rebuild the entire wood frame; Epoxy is not even an option for these windows. Anyway, The original windows are standard for their time, with a wood grille line running down the center of each sash. That is what I ended up going with for the grilles. I figured I couldn’t beat what was in the house originally, and I think I will be pretty happy with the outcome.


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