Photo Update Outake: The Ditch Project

The ugly duckling of the yard. One day it will be beautiful!

I forgot to upload this picture along with the others. I was just going to leave it off. I wasn’t sure if anyone was really interested in seeing a large drainage ditch with stuff over it. Honestly, it’s not exactly picturesque. However, since part of this blog is actually about the projects, I decided to keep it.

See, in the town there is a large drainage ditch running along the side street. The street is really more of a glorified alley, but whatever. Most of the other houses in the neighborhood have covered theirs over, but left some sort of pipe or drainage system intact. This seems to work well in the town, no water stands in the yard of those that have done this properly, so we decided to do it, too. Now, we happen to have this huge piece of pipe leftover from a drainage issue on another piece of property that was exactly the right size for the piece of concrete pipe that is buried under the driveway. We plan to buy more pipe slowly and fill in until we can connect the pipe to the pipe running under the main street. Because our land is uneven, the pipe starts out this big and will slowly taper down to a piece about 10 inches in diameter.

Eventually, we plan to cover it with dirt, but right now, this has become our area for all biodegradable/non-harmful materials. Such as the lath and the branches. For awhile, it looked like Vlad the Impaler lived there, as the lath was sticking straight up like stakes. We soon fixed that, safety first!


2 Comments to “Photo Update Outake: The Ditch Project”

  1. Compost pile! Do it!

    Or not. LOL

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