Creepy Crawlies

I decided to get the house sprayed for termites. Yes, it looks like the termites have been hitting the studs as if they were a buggy McDonalds, and these hungry beasties have lots of trails leading up the root cellar walls, as seen in this post. None of this was particularly alarming to me. I mean the house is 100+ years old. They did not have Terminex back then, right? There is no way to tell if the damage is new or old, and luckily, none of it so far has been majorly structural. Which I credit to the beams and studs being twice the size that builders use now, and that the wood being harder wood than is used today. While I planned to have the house sprayed eventually, we were going to put this job on the  to do list  a little later.

This all changed when I walked in and found hundreds of tiny wings all over my bay window. After consulting the internet, and determining that these transparent offerings were not signs of more pleasant winged things, like butterflies or even fairies. They are definitely signs of live termites. According to Terminex, who came to give me an estimate today, termites have a frantic orgy, lose their wings, and then go to start up brand new colonies where they are kings and queens. While I appreciate the establishment of new societies and a system of government, I do not like them trashing my house with their destruction and orgies.So, they need to be eradicated. However, I’m not particularly that freaked out about them. I mean, no structural damage, and honestly, I was expecting some problems like this. Apparently this attitude is not the norm, and the Terminex guy expected more histrionics and drama when he gave me  this news. He told me that I didn’t scare easily, which was pretty amusing. I don’t think you can afford to be dramatic over every little thing when undergoing a massive renovation. It just ups the stress level, and drives you crazy. Ultimately, they are just tiny squatters, right? I just have to kick them out!

Image from Google images


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