Lists and Accomplishments

Maybe a house "burn book" would be easier?

I am impatient. This is not necessarily a new realization. I don’t like to wait and I push myself pretty hard. I just didn’t think it was going to be an issue with the renovation. When we bought the house, We gave ourselves an approximate two-year timeline until we could move in the house. Now, I see that I push to finish projects quickly, and I’m always planning  two projects ahead of where we are with the house. To quote Tina Fey in Mean Girls,” I am a pusher, I push people.”

While there isn’t anything wrong with being like this, it does make it hard to see some of the things you have accomplished. I still feel like we get so little finished, and that we all need to work harder, and faster; to get finished quickly, and to reach my goal for the end of the year. What is this goal? To get the outside of the house sealed up. New windows, soffit, gutter, and siding. I want it ready for winter. Next year will begin the push to get the inside completed. We do some of that now, just most of it we do ourselves, and they aren’t big budget projects. Anyway, back to me pushing to be finished like a Walmart shopper on black friday, the big downside to this is the unnecessary stress caused by feeling like you haven’t accomplished enough. So, it has been suggested to me that I should stop, chill, and just write down all the projects we have completed/nearly finished so far.

It has been just over 4 months since we closed on the house. In those four months we have:

  • removed the old carpets
  • removed all the old papers and knickknacks left in the house
  • donated all the furniture
  • cleaned and treated the mildew and mold issues
  • cleaned up all the maple leaves in the yard
  • replaced the rotten sheathing on the roof
  • replaced the roof
  • built a 16×8 addition
  • removed all the plaster from the exterior walls
  • gutted the entire kitchen and bath
  • removed most of the plaster and lath from the house
  • removed most of the nails left from the lath
  • emptied and cleaned out the basement
  • removed the old gutters
  • cut down most of the bushes and trees
  • filled in all the holes in the yard
  • planted grass seed in all the filled in holes in the yard
  • removed the wolf pens
  • removed at least 40% of the moldings that will be removed
  • replaced the breaker box and ran new wiring
  • ordered 5 replacement windows, ordering 5 more next week
  • had the house treated for termites
  • attached the large piece of pipe in the drainage ditched
  • filled in a portion of the drainage ditch
  • trimmed the holly tree in the back

Well, I think that is it. I’m crossing my fingers that this will help me relax a little and stop feeling so pressured about it!

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