House Addition

Window soon-to-be Doorway

I’ve been promising an update on the addition for a while, so I guess I am finally getting to it. The addition is 16×8, and is set to be the master bathroom and a much larger closet. The closet in the master bedroom is only about 12 inches deep. I plan to put shelves in it for shoes and handbags, but I do need somewhere for clothes! Before the addition, we only had one bathroom that is a tiny, 5×7 size one. We just needed more space, so we covered one of the odd, small porches and added the addition to the back of the house,  making the back of the house even with the second bedroom.

The odd porch had no door onto it. I believe it was a remnant of a bigger porch on that side of the house, that someone enclosed to add a bedroom and bathroom sometime in the past.  There is a large window on the porch, which we plan to turn into a doorway. This porch does have the original beadboard ceiling, which I plan on keeping and leaving exposed.

Closet will run from the wall to that makeshift beam.

The existing porch will essentially a hallway, with a 6×3 closet to one side. Then the bathroom will be 16×8. I also want to put a linen closet for extra storage in the master bath. I am still working on the layout for the bathroom, I would like to do a separate tub and shower, with the tub either under the window or on that far wall near the window. Then of course, a vanity and toilet. It is because I am still trying to figure out the layout that we just had the addition roughed in. Hopefully I will be able to come up with some sort of final plan soon!


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