Current Projects

 Well, the blog has received more than 5,000 views since I started in 6 months ago! That is about 4,990 more than I thought it would when I start writing about the renovation. Thanks for viewing, and hopefully, I can keep you all interested.

I posted pictures of some of the projects going on at the house, but I thought a list may be more helpful. So, what to expect in the next few weeks?

remove the old siding from the house

sheath the entire house

re-frame all windows and doors

close up two doorways

replace all windows and doors

wrap the house

repair all the structural damage

fix the front porch

build the closet addition

build the sunporch

put in french doors

put windows in the additions

put up new trim

wrap trim boards and soffit with aluminum

put up fishscales in eaves

replace the vents

replace the basement windows

put up horizontal lap siding

The items that are crossed out are the things that were completed just this week. Pretty amazing, right?


2 Comments to “Current Projects”

  1. seriously amazing!

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