Here Comes the Sun… Porch

The new back porch!

Time to introduce my new favorite part of the house! A sun porch! When we bought the house, a back porch had been added. Well, it wasn’t so much a porch as a raised concrete slab with some fake beams holding up a little section of roof. Now, I like porches, but this one had two glaring negatives about it. One, was the huge slab of concrete that someone had poured over the concrete porch floor. It was like a stoop…on the porch. Rendering the majority of the porch completely useless! It was awkward, and it was ugly. This strange mini porch slab was one of the few things I truly hated about the house when we purchased it. It had to go.  The second problem? My house is older than the town in is in, and as a result, the roads have been reconfigured over the years. The lot is a corner lot with the front of the house on a dead-end street, and the back porch along the other road, that didn’t use to be there. As a result, everyone thought the back door was the front door, due to the proximity to the road.

So, I knew this needed to look less prominent, but how? My idea was to screen it in. I like being outside, but I abhor bugs. So, a screen porch would offer us more entertaining space and a place to go to get away from those irritating, biting creatures. I was cool with this plan, and surely no one would mistake my back door for the front door when the only porch that remained was the L-shaped one in the front? Well, my dad had a better idea. It took me awhile to warm up to it, but he was right. He thought that we should just close it in, but add a lot of windows and make it a sun porch. This would give us more living area throughout the year, and look better than a screen porch. My sister wanted to add the french doors, as neither of us like sliders. 

I mean, I thought this all would be nice. I didn’t realize just how much I would love it! It adds so much to the house, makes the front door more defined, and gives us additional living space. Plus, that weird, uneven concrete stoop is no more. So, even though, I wasn’t completely sold on the sun porch to begin with, now… I say, it’s alright.



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