Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I had a major break-up this week. I broke-up with a major building supplier. Now this building supplier, which shall remain nameless (but let’s just say that the name rhymes with some rather important appendages on the feet) has caused me problems before (see this post), but this last delivery was just unbearable. Nobody wants to read the sad tale, and I’m pretty sick of recounting it. So, the cliff notes version: Stuff was supposed to be delivered Thursday morning. Stuff was actually delivered at about 7:40p.m. And it was only delivered after I called them about every two hours, labeled them as ridiculous, and threatened to never buy anything there again. Oh, and the reason it was so late? The delivery man, who was very nice, informed me that it was late because they are painting the store and they had put a bunch of stuff on top of my order. Lovely, right?

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty angry. We had a bit of a blow-up. Essentially, I kicked them out of my life in a not particularly graceful or thoughtful way. I do kind of regret that, but I was still angry, so what to do? I wrote a constructively angry letter and e-mailed it to their corporate headquarters. To be fair, things did get better from here. It resulted in many apologies and a refund.

I guess they did the right thing in the end. They tried to pacify me, win me back with money and apologies…but I don’t think it is enough. It was kind of the equivalent to showing up at my door with roses, and I still kinda hate their guts. It was just too little, too late. The trust is all gone out of the relationship. Two nightmarish delivery experiences are just too much for me. If they had called me that morning and explained that they needed to reschedule, I would have been ok with that. I’m not unreasonable! So, where does this leave us? I think we are through. Over. The End.  For the most part. I may buy things that I don’t need delivered. I may buy some decorative items. However, any large complicated orders, that require this supplier to bring them to me? I don;t think so. In other words, we might see each other occasionally. We might stay friends, but for the most part,  this relationship…is over.


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