Ongoing Projects Update

Well, The massive exterior renovation is winding down, so I thought it was time to post an updated list of things that need to be completed. Unfortunately, there was more structural repair to the house than originally planned, so the new front porch had to be scrapped to be revisited at a later time.

remove the old siding from the house

sheath the entire house

re-frame all windows and doors

close up two doorways

replace all windows and doors

wrap the house

repair all the structural damage

build the closet addition

build the sunporch

put in french doors

put windows in the additions


put up new trim

wrap trim boards and soffit with aluminum

put up fishscales in eaves

replace the vents


replace the basement windows

put up horizontal lap siding


7 Comments to “Ongoing Projects Update”

  1. I thought you put in the windows for the additions?

  2. ps, “get rid of creepy stairs”

    • We did. Is it not crossed out for you? It is for me, so I dunno. lol. And the creepy stairs have to stay! I’ll put flowerpots or something on them so they are less creepy….maybe.

  3. Flowerpots make everything less creepy.

    I am glad to see your list so whittled down!

    • Unless the flower pots contain dead plants, like mine usually do. I’m trying to be more garden-y, though! I’m trying to start some smoke trees from cuttings. My gramma has one in her yard that I always loved, so I’m trying to bring it to my house, too. We’ll see, though. I’m no Meghan! Also, I’m glad the list is whittled down, too! We are straining the budget, so it’ll be over soon enough, one way or the other!

      • Meh, my gardening abilities have lessened due to the big move and my tomatoes ended up being crap this year. Maybe next year? I am trying for more flowers next time around and about the same amount of food, now that I know what I am good at…

      • Next year will be your year, Meghan, I can feel it! lol. Flowers are fun and pretty! I’m sure your garden will come back even better.

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