The bay window of the Trimble House


Two sisters buy a 121 year old house, with a goal to renovate and restore. The problem? The house is in shambles, and needs, well, everything to make it habitable. This is the story of our project, follow along as we take an old house with a colorful past and make it new again, and discover all its history and charm along the way…


About the House


Our first encounters with the house begin in the small town where we grew up. The house had a creepy, dilapidated exterior and was owned by an old man with huge dogs. As usually happens in small towns, this house became a “suburban legend”. The legend held that the dogs were wolves, which would attack on command. As I grew older, I chalked this legend up to the misunderstandings of youth towards the town outsiders. I realized this myth probably was not true, just an old man with dogs, and I didn’t give the house any more thought.

The Wolves of Trimble House

Decades later, the house comes up for sale. I loved the lot, and the location. After much deliberation, I decided that the house could be saved, and had more than enough charm to warrant all the sweat, work and money that would have to be put into it. My sister and I purchased it. As we begin to reflect on the purchase we remembered the myth, and laughed it off. Until we begin cleaning out the house, when we discover that the legend was true! Sort of. The man really was misunderstood, and only one of the dogs was a wolf, but we couldn’t believe that this piece of our childhood was a reality. This was just the beginning…

Looking it up, I found out that the house is in the Historical Registry, as the James Trimble house. It was built in 1890 by a mason. Older than the town it is in, one can only imagine the lives of the people that lived there. The house still bears the scars of many of those previous inhabitants. Marks in the wood floors, added on rooms, and other small reminders of these past lives. Who were they? Maybe this old house still has some legends left to uncover.


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