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Dealing with the Difficulties

“Um, there’s some bad news”.

Yes, these are pretty much the worst words that can be uttered during a massive renovation. Just like the reno that my house is currently going through. I’ve been more mum than usual about the process. Mostly this is because my contractors and crew are fabulous, and tend to just handle any problems that come up without even telling me until later.  For a worrier like me, this is a good thing. However, all the “bad news” issues make the renovation more costly and time-consuming, but that’s not even the worst part. The worst is the “what, now?” feeling. That expecting more badness. The fear of something horrible that is just too much to fix, or will result in losing some beloved part of my house.

First, it was that wood floor in the bedroom would have to be replaced. Then, the front porch was pretty much devoured by termites, as were two walls in the second bedroom. Then it was finding out that the contractor  paid to add the first addition didn’t support the roof as needed. Next, all of the original wood in the bay that I was hoping could be saved was rotten. Then it was that the back porch was only supported by a single 2×4. More problems? Oh, yes! most of the soffit and fascia was rotten. That’s not even everything. I can’t even remember all the problems. So, yesterday, when my workers told me that the fascia on the bay was completely rotten was kind of a blow. Not because the fascia can’t be replaced. I know they can fix it, probably better than it was, but because that leads to this negativistic thinking. If the fascia is rotten, maybe the rafters are rotten. If the rafters are rotten…Does that mean I have to lose my beautiful, original, metal roof on the bay? You see the worry here?

 So, yeah, we’ve had a lot of nasty surprises and problems. I think this whole process would be easier if I was less attached to the house. Yet, if I cared less, I probably wouldn’t be going through this whole thing to begin with! The bottom line — renovations are stressful. More stressful than even I originally anticipated. I must keep that in mind for future projects.


Staying Positive in the Midst of More Problems

Be still, my moldy heart!

So, my sister and I have been slowly and gradually cleaning up the house. The outside construction has yet to begin, and outside stuff is not really my area of expertise anyway. So, while I’ve been cleaning, I’ve made all kinds of little …discoveries. Most of these are not welcome discoveries. One of my moldings has succumbed to dry rot. Many of the floorboards will have to be replaced, as they have been eaten away by wolves, rotted, or are damaged by some other random occurence. Outside, one of the floor joists has rotted, and parts of the original porch posts have been demolished. I have some extras in the areas we are enclosing that I hope can be used to replace the others. This all brings me to today’s discovery…mold. I knew the house was moldy, it has been unoccupied for 9 months. Yet, I did not expect a veritable petri dish on my walls; a mini ecosystem inhabiting my home! Yes, today I found fuzzy walls, and not fuzzy from wolf fur! Luckily, I have never been prone to hysterics.

Lovely Hinges

So, it’s days like this I have to look at the positives. I mean, not all the discoveries are bad. The house has lovely, elaborate, Queen Anne style door hinges. You can’t buy those anymore, and they are definitely a nice feature. The cast iron fireplace inserts are all intact. I love the look of them. The living room and dining room floors  are in great shape. The foundation is solid, and so everything else can be repaired, right?  Truthfully, it is all a labor of love, I guess. That, or my over-developed visualization skills. I can see what it will look like when it is finished, and it’s beautiful. That is the image that drives me. Unfortunately, the distance from where the house is at now, to that image, is a little bit further, considering I didn’t envision living in a terrarium. Oh well, good thing I have a whole bottle of Clorox.