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Decorating…Wizard Style

I didn’t update this week, mostly because I’ve been geeking out over Harry Potter. I could go on and on about why I love those books and movies, but since this blog is supposed to be primarily about my home, I decided to celebrate (mourn) the end of the series by posting some of my Potteresque home decor and discussing how I plan to decorate with it. After I have walls. Just so you know, I did try using Reparo and Accio, Drywall…but it didn’t really work. Anyway,  I know it may not be considered sophisticated to have Harry Potter stuff throughout the home, but I wholeheartedly believe that your house should reflect who you are and the  things that you love. 

Print made by Pink Caffeination

The first thing that will be incorporated is Godric Gryffindor’s sword. My sister likes weaponry, and I got her this replica for Christmas a few years ago. I see it hanging in the library/dining room, shining in the candlelight, looking pretty awesome. When we bought the home, one of the first things I purchased for it was this print from Pink Caffeination on I had the seller remake it for me in greens, blues, teals, grays, and black, our house colors. If you are a Harry Potter geek like me, you will also recognize this is a mixture of Ravenclaw and Slytherin house colors. This is kind of perfect, as I am a self-proclaimed Ravenclaw, while my sister is a Slytherin.

Over Christmas break, my sister and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where besides having a fabulous time, we purchased a bunch of stuff. In case you didn’t know, Besides having character wands, the theme park has wands specific to certain months, so that you can pick one to represent a particular date. We both purchased wands representing our birth dates. When we go back, I want to get one to for February 10th, the day we purchased the house. I want to frame the wands in a shadow box to hang on the wall or display in the bookshelf. We also purchased some of the candy sold at Honeydukes in glass apothecary jars. I kept the jars to use around the house, for cotton balls in the bathroom, as a candy dish in the kitchen, etc. That way there will be little reminders of these things everywhere. I want to get more of them, so if any of you guys are planning a trip, let me know!

It might seem strange to incorporate this sort of merchandise into your decor, but it makes me smile, and brings a dose of whimsy and nostalgia to everyday life. It makes my house a home. If you agree, come on by for some cauldron cakes and pumpkin juice…just wait until I get appliances first.


Bark at the Moon: A Wolf Playlist

In celebration for getting the electricity turned on, so that I can actually listen to music as I clean, here is a wolf playlist of some of my favorites for you all to enjoy:

All these link to youtube videos, if you want to listen!

Wolf notepad that was in the house

1. Howl – Florence and the Machine – listen

2. The Lion and the Wolf – Thrice – listen

3. Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran – listen

4. All Babes are Wolves – Spinnerette – listen

5. Wolfsblood – The Misfits – listen

6. Wolves at my Door – Converge – listen

7. Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys – listen

8. Werecat – Tiger Army – listen

9. Bark at the Moon – Ozzy Osbourne – listen

10. I was a Teenage Werewolf – The Cramps – listen

11. Falling in Love with the Wolfboy – The Magnetic Fields – listen

12. Werewolf – Cat Power – listen

13. Home – Leona Naess – listen


Thanks to my friends and my sister for helping find the songs. If you know any other good ones, please post them!


On Support…and thanks!

Painted Brick Design in the Root Cellar

I’ve been talking to contractors this week about things like foundations, roof supports, lots of structural things. If the house isn’t properly supported, it will collapse. If you take down these porch posts to build a wall instead, you have to first build a temporary wall to support the roof, so it doesn’t collapse. I mean, common sense right?

Well the last few days, I’ve exactly how important those foundations and supporting walls can be. When we first purchased the house, there was some negativity. Lots of people said that it was too dirty,  too big of a job, and that we should just tear it down and put in something new like a modular home. Truthfully, it probably would be easier to do that. This house is going to take a lot of work, and a lot of time. I could get something new, and a modular home would be ready to move in quickly. Yet, for me, it would lack the soul. You see the thing about old houses is the character. Many people say that, and you think about the moldings and woodwork. I see it not only as that, but for the human element. Someone went to a lot of effort to create those old moldings. They laid the brick by hand, planed the wood, and created something, yes, charming. Part of the idea of character comes from the idea that someone, somewhere cared enough to do that work. This home was a place for them to live their lives, to see their children grow up. It was very much a labor of love, and a gesture of support to their family.

I didn’t think anyone would be that interested when we bought the house. Sure, it has a story, but its old and weird, too. I didn’t plan to blog about it, I didn’t really plan to talk about all this that much at all. From the very beginning, when I started telling my friends and family, they offered so much encouragement. They have helped me clean up, asked about my plans, told me to blog about it, and then offered supported for that. It is often a daunting prospect to redo this house. Its exciting and scary for me. I’ve never owned a house before, especially not one from the 1890’s with a close-to-leaking roof, cracked plaster, and no insulation. Yet, like me the house has a strong foundation and lots of support because someone cared. So what I’m trying to say in a really long-winded way is, thanks. Thanks for being supportive, and interested, and encouraging. You guys make me love my house even more, and I genuinely appreciate it.

Just as an example of how awesome these people really are, check out my friend Meghan’s blog ,  Sings the Magpie. She is awesome and hilarious and you should all read it!

Brick Found in the House, Stamped with the name of a company and "Trimble O".